Make And Colour Book Collection £7.99 @ Red House

Make And Colour Book Collection £7.99 @ Red House

colourBooksI love things like this Make and Colour book collection of eight books which are on offer over at Red House.

I'm a HUGE Christmas fan - forget Halloween, that's nothing more than commercial begging as far as I'm concerned, it's Christmas all the way for me from here until the big day!

I love decorating the tree and hanging long home-made nut garlands around the the fireplace (drilling holes in over 300 nuts was a labour of love let me tell you!) and I still have some paper decorations that the teenagers made when they were little.

This Make and Colour book collection has eight books that are full of things for your kids to...erm, make and colour!

The titles included are:

  • Make and Colour: Christmas Cards
  • Make and Colour: Christmas Decorations
  • Make and Colour: Greetings Cards
  • Make and Colour: Farm Animals
  • Make and Colour: Paper Dolls
  • Make and Colour: Paper Planes
  • Make and Colour: Party Things
  • Make and Colour: Thank You Cards

...which are perfect for the run-up to, and during Christmas.

I've always found that cards and presents for the grandparents, made by the kids, have been more valued than something bought.

Not only that, when the Christmas holidays start to drag, there are lots of activities in these books to keep young minds occupied.

These should retail for £30.45 but are currently up for grabs with Red House for £7.99; use this code too and you'll get free delivery thrown in - FREE5037.

Happy making and colouring!


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