Collection of 'Make your own...' Activity Books £7.19 @ The Book People

19 June 2010

books Roll up!  Roll up! Lots of lovely books! Only £7.19 for 10!

I like activity books as much as I like normal books, and that's a LOT!  I'm a bit precious about books and I loathe spines that creased and bent back on themselves, I can't BEAR it when people write in books and highlight bits that they like (unless they're revision books and then it's allowed) and as for bent over corners on pages...just don't!

So activity books are brilliant and my kids have had lots of them over the years so they could experience the 'joy' of pulling pages out and doing things with the contents rather than gingerly turning the pages.

This collection of 'Make your own...' books from The Book People is fabulous.  Using a combination of easy-to-use stencils along with cutting out and colouring activities, your small people will be able to make things from the pages of the following 10 titles:

  • Coral Reef
  • Creepy Castle
  • Rainforest
  • Football Stadium
  • Roman Arena
  • Pirate Ship
  • Pyramid
  • Circus
  • Garage
  • Castle

Flamingcarrot over at HUKD has given these books out as going home gifts after their son's birthday party - now THAT'S a great idea!

Use the following The Book People promotion codes at the checkout to drop the published price to £7.19 and get free delivery: 10FOOTY and Y0102

Happy'Making your own!

Thanks to Rhys135 over HUKD!

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