Who, What, Where, Why Collection - 4 Books £4.99 @ The Book People

Who, What, Where, Why Collection - 4 Books £4.99 @ The Book People

I love books like this Who, What, Where, Why Collection - they're fun, they're informative and answer all the questions that kids love to ask or, never thought of asking but love the answers.

Books like this inspire, I think, an early love of learning and develop, I hope, a thirst for knowledge - with questions like: Who reads back-to-front? What is a dream? Why was football once banned? And where is the Twilight Zone?

The books are bright, the illustrations are zany and The Book People are selling them for £4.99, rather than their recommended list price of £23.96.

I'm not a huge fan of filling party bags with junk; I'd rather spend the same money on a few of these Who, What, Where and Why collections, split them up and send each child home with a book - working out at just £1.25 a book I think they make party bag bargains.

If this is the only thing you order from The Book People then you'll have to pay an additional £1.95 for delivery - free delivery doesn't come into play until your order is £15 or over.

Happy who, what, where and whening <----- my made up word for the day!


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