Child's Backpack 99p @ BooksDirect

Child's Backpack 99p @ BooksDirect

back[ackThis is another bargain basement deal from BooksDirect - a simple and functional backpack for kids to take to school or nursery for only 99p. Considering how much abuse these chaps take, and how quickly they deteriorate, paying 99p seems just about right in my book.

Like the beauty set dealfrom yesterday, if you enter the code 55049 you'll also get free delivery. Perhaps get them both together for the huge expense of £1.98? The backpack dimensions are 300X238x34 and it is sectioned by primary colours.

It looks sturdy enough and the colours will suit most kids, unless they are extreme girly girls who refuse to go near anything other than pink. I am definitely going to be keeping a beady eye on BooksDirect from now on, their deals are nothing short of extraordinary! Although I am still confused about their selling beauty sets and backpacks when they are a bookshop, but that's just me being pedantic I guess.


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