Children's Learning Books 6 For £10 @ The Works

The Works has a 6 for £10 offer on Children's Learning Books, useful if you need extra support in some of the subjects taught at school, or to help children at home one on one.

There's a huge variety of Children's Learning Books for sale on a lot of subjects and for a range of ages. The learning books are available for children from around 3 years of age up to about 14, and subjects range from full on maths down to shapes and numbers for little ones.

My almost 4 year old loves doing the math or shape activity books with me. We do it as fun activities, rather than actually trying to teach her, and the Gold Stars books are specifically suited to the pre-school ages.

There are 100 books in the sale, all at £1.99 each, so 6 for £10 making them £1.67 each, which is a pretty great price if you're buying a lot. It's a bit annoying that there's no 'filter by age' option, but since there's only 100 it doesn't take too long to scan through them.

It's certainly cheaper than a tutor and is good for a bit of one to one time.

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