Charlie And Lola Books In A Rucksack Collection (8 Books) £6.99 @ The Book People

Charlie And Lola Books In A Rucksack Collection (8 Books) £6.99 @ The Book People

There's nothing quite like a mooch around The Book People first thing on a Monday morning, and this particular early morning mooch has turned up this Charlie and Lola book collection of eight books in a little rucksack for £6.99 - the recommended full list price is £20.

Charlie and Lola really are the perfect brother and sister pair: Charlie is older, patient and wise, Lola is hilarious, impatient and younger.  She asks some brilliant questions and good old Charlie tries his best to answer them.

The brother and sister pairings in my family were nothing like that, let me tell you, and I think it would be pretty safe to assume it wasn't/isn't in yours too!

But you have to love Charlie and Lola and I particularly love any of the numerous book collections that feature them.  This particular collection has eight books which come packaged in a rather cute rucksack to keep them in although, personally, I'd put them on the bookshelf and use the rucksack for something else.

The Charlie and Lola stories features in this collection are aimed at little ones three years and older, and explore the concepts of sharing, friendship, learning, and all the other 'things' youngsters need to get to grips with, in the unique way that only Charlie and Lola can.

If you are 'completely ready for free delivery', instead of paying an additional £1.95, then remember to enter code OFFERSEP into the promotion code box in your basket - the single item delivery charge will be cancelled and your Charlie and Lola books in a rucksack won't cost you a penny more than £6.99; hurrah

Thanks to babyblue at HUKD


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