Big Brilliant Book Of Bart Simpson Book £2.99 @ The Book People

17 November 2010

theSimpsons <sings> Thhhhe S I M P S O N S...... </stops singing> Those lovely, lovely people at The Book People have a nice little deal on the 'Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson' book at the moment.

Apologies if you've now got The Simpson's theme going round and round in your head; be grateful for small mercys and you couldn't really hear me singing it!

I remember when The Simpsons first hit our TV screens.

There was outrage from some quarters at how rude and offensive it could be, along with fear that impressionable children would start running amok a'la Bart Simpson.

Funnily enough that never happened, although there may have been a spat of phonecalls made to local pubs with boys asking if they could speak to Mr Ben Dover (that was the most polite one I could think of...alternatives NOT required via comments for this one!)

There are lots of comic strip capers and adventures for Bart fans to enjoy in this 'Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson' and you can enjoy the price - The Book People will let you have it for just £2.99 (free delivery too if  you use this code at the checkout: ZD503) whereas it's around £6 everywhere else.

Happy being buddies with Bart!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD

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