Barbie Sparkly Story Collection £8.99 @ The Book People

Barbie Sparkly Story Collection £8.99 @ The Book People

CbarbieOh dear, I’ve been sucked into the world of Barbie in spite of myself. My husband and I promised that we wouldn’t let our daughter be Barbie mad but it seems this happened without our consent anyway. So, if you can’t escape Barbie why not embrace her and the delightful deal at The Book People.

This deal includes 15 books for a mere £9.99, although you can get it down to £8.99 using the code IS001 for a 10% off voucher. These miniature hardback books are covered in glitter aCbarbie2nd are perfect for little girls that love to shine and play with Barbies.

Join Barbie as she experiences the singing tree, meets mermaids, visits the stars and talks to a unicorn. The stories are varied and sweet and are set in all sorts of magical and exciting locations with plenty of adventure and good morals to be had.

I’ve resisted the urge to get a set but it’s a cracking good deal no matter what your thoughts on Barbie...

Thanks to Rhys135 at HUKD!


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