Baby's Very First Book: Faces £2.38 @ Amazon

Baby's Very First Book: Faces £2.38 @ Amazon

babysVeryFirstBookFacesThis Baby's Very First Book: Faces is up for grabs at Amazon for half price at the moment, making it £2.38 instead of £4.99.

If you’re a PlayPennies regular you’ll know I have a passion for books, if you’re not…I have a passion for books!

It’s widely accepted that babies respond best to the high contrast patterns  and the reviews this little book has received do nothing but back that up.  The babies who have this item utterly adore it and all parents are in agreement that it’s a fabulous buy.

This book is lovely and simple and designed especially for tiny babies aged up to about six months – it’s got crinkly pages which babies adore to scrunch up in their little hands and a mirror which always captures their attention.

The mirror is a valuable addition because babies love to look at their own reflection.  Inside, the pages have simple pictures of  faces and patterns in black, white and red.

Reviewers love this Baby's Very First Book: Faces and so do their babies...

"My little boy loves this and is fascinated by the black and white faces and patterns. He also likes to give it a good chewing as it is the perfect size for little gums and pudgy hands."

"This book has become a fast favorite for my 21-week-old daughter. The book has three pages entitled Daddy, Mummy and Baby. The pages make excellent crunching noises and there's a small velcro strap sewen to the book to ensure it doesn't fall out of your baby's pushchair.  This purchase was worthwhile."

There are 129 other reviews you can read that all say similar things, just in case you feel that sample is a little small.

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