Amazon Summer Book Sale

22 July 2010

book1 *singing* Books glorious b-o-o-k-s...there's no such thing as too many! And with up to 65% off books in the Amazon Summer Book Sale you can have LOTS of them!

I have such fond memories of going into book shops as a child. They were, and still are, delicious places with hushed corners and shelves, spanning from floor to ceiling, containing books of almost every genre.

If my local library dished out reward points a'la Tesco and Sainsbury's I'd have been a points millionaire, but there was nothing quite like buying a book, knowing it hadn't been read by anyone else and was yours to keep forever.

I still feel all of these things about books and am like a kid at Christmas when it comes to any Amazon book sale.  There are so many titles on offer here across such a broad range of categories that it would take me the rest of the year to go through them all with you.

But some of my choices, which would be just for me - the kids have lots of books and every now and again we deserve to buy books for ourselves! - would be these books:

Low-Cost Living by John Harrison - among some of the tips and advice in this book is how to play the supermarkets at their own game and get the best deals! It's been reduced from £5.99 down to £1.86.

book2The Art Doodle Book - if I had time to draw again I'd be a VERY happy PlayPennies writer! Reduced from £9.99 to £3.49.

Collins World Wall Map (Laminated) - ok, so this isn't a book but it's included in the Amazon Summer Book Sale and I have a thing for maps! I don't like not knowing where places are and when the kids ask me where such-and-such a country is I can't point at the map!  It was £12.99 and is now £6.50.

I could go on, but I'll stop now!

Happy Book Bargain hunting and don't forget there's no delivery to pay if you choose the SuperSaver delivery deal.

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