Amazing Machines Books & CDs £7.19 @ The Book People

Amazing Machines Books & CDs £7.19 @ The Book People

books1BOOKS GLORRRIOUS BOOOOKS!  I can't help it, books are a big weakness of mine.

My youngest is going to go absolutely MAD for these books and accompanying CDs.  Anything to do with trains, planes, tractors, diggers, cars, lorries, dump trucks, monster trucks, fire engines, ambulances, police cars.....ummm, are there many more different types of vehicles...?  I'll very quickly be told, but no matter - he is enthralled and entranced by them all, so this set of six books is going to be a much-read addition to his library.

Aimed at children between the ages of two and four, each book has a picture dictionary to help them build up their vocabulary.  The text is written in rhyme - guaranteed to get stuck in your head for d a y s! - andof course, no children's book would be complete without bright and colourful pictures for them to look at.

Each book is accompanied by an audio CD so your child can listen to the story on their own if they wish and follow along turning the pages in time with the cues.

Use code: IS001 to drop the published price of £7.99 to £7.19 (these books have an RRP of £41.95!)

Thanks to Rhys135 over at HUKD!

Amazing Machines - 6 Books & CDs Shrinkwrapped £7.19 @ The Book People


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