Aliens And Dinosaurs Love Underpants Book Collection £3 @ The Book People

Now this is more like it - much as I love toys and games, I must confess I'm already sick and tired of telling you about them and am more than happy to go back to my beloved books.

The Book People have combined these two fabulous books, Aliens and Dinosaurs Love Underpants - and are letting them go, as a pair, for £3.

My youngest has these books and the merest hint of the pants word was enough to send him into fits of giggles; you can guarantee that anything which involves underpants is going to be a big hit with children, beacause not only do aliens and dinosaurs love them - underpants  that is, not children, although they might - but kids love them too.

Forget aliens wanting to come and take over the world, they just want to come here and steal our underpants - I bet you didn't know THAT did you!  And how about this, dinosaurs didn't become extinct as the result of an asteroid hitting the Earth causing mayhem, destruction and chaos. No! They became extinct as a result of a great pants war.

If the Aliens and Dinosaurs Love Underpants books are the only things you order from The Book People then you'll have a single item delivery charge of £1.95.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD 

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