Up To 75% Off Back To School @ WH Smith

23 August 2010

34220917_m_f WH Smith haven’t sidled onto the back to school wagon, they’ve jumped on and started blowing horns. They are offering up to 75% off selected back to school goodies that include electronics, filing, arts and crafts, stationary and more.

Don’t worry if the site seems to take ages to load, I had some issues with it but eventually it started working. There are quite a few really useful things in the back to school sale, and some things that just make me go, “What?”. For example, I wouldn’t spend £18 on a pen for a school kid.

Still, things like coloured paper, notebooks and washable markers are down to less than £5, backpacks are going for £2.50 (yeah, that’s really good!), and then designer notebooks are all under £10.

33201399_m_fI am confused by the presence of video replacement cases (Video? Seriously? What?) and a paper cutter (yes, let me give my Reception aged child a paper cutter!) but if you have the patience to wade through some of the weirder options you’ll find some great deals.

My not-so-secret addiction is to stationary. I have a pile of notebooks that I couldn’t resist, and more thingies than you can shake a stick at. So this back to school sale may well be my little treat for the month. Yum, stationary.

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