7 Charlie & Lola/Mr Pusskins Board Books £5 @ Books Direct Bargains

15 September 2010

books Not only do you get seven Charlie and Lola/Mr Pusskins board books for £5 with this deal from Books Direct Bargains, but you can also choose a free gift too.

So, you get seven board books in total; two of them feature Mr Pusskins and are all about numbers and colours, then there are five Charlie and Lola books introducing your child to animals, colours, shapes, numbers and opposites.

There is also a free music CD which has 12 soothing classical music tracks on it (I love classical music - you can't beat it at night time, especially).

For your free gift you can choose four Fisher-Price board books: The World Around Me, All About My Day, Ears, Nose and Toes! and Who Lives in the Rainforest?

The Gruffalo 10th Anniversary set that has SO many things in it! Limited edition book, stickers, stencils, paper, song book AND CD so you can sing along to the music!

Or you can choose a  red three-piece luggage set.

To claim your free gift, enter 55099 into the promotional code box in your basket and you'll be taken the choices.

This is SUCH a great deal - this whole thing will cost you no more than £5! There gifts are totally free and there's no postage to pay on orders that are...yup, you've guessed it, £5 or more!

Thanks VERY much to Homebaked over at HUKD!

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  • Keeley
    Hiya - I can't see how to get the extra free gift. It's a great deal already of course (don't get me wrong!) but it'd be even better if I can get the extra free gift as well... Thanks.
  • Sarah K.
    Hi Keeley This caught me out too! Just add the books to your basket and go to the checkout, you are offered the choices there and then you can choose whichever one you'd like :) Sarah
  • Keeley
    Thanks for responding so quickly Sarah :) Trouble is, I've got to the page where I need to enter my payment details and then it says 'process order' - did you choose your extra gift before that stage? Keep up the good work on this site btw.
  • Sarah K.
    Right - confession time for me (urgh!) The vital piece of info you're missing is the code for the free gift - if you can go back to your basket, enter 55099 into the 'promotional code' box and you'll be taken to the choices from there. I'm so sorry - thank you for getting in touch so that I can fix this. Which free gift are you going to choose?! Sarah :)
  • Keeley
    Hello Sarah I didn't get a chance to try this again before tonight and it looks that deal has now run out as it says that product ref is no longer available. What a shame!

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