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If you're looking for a magazine subscription, or something a little different, for your children to get their reading teeth into then you should have a look at taking out either a three or six month subscription with the National Geographic for their NG Kids magazine.

Three months will cost £4, instead of £9.60, and six months will cost £9, instead of £19.20.

Click HERE for a six month subscription

All of my children have been National Geographic Kids magazine subscribers and there is just one word I can use to sum up their publications: STUNNING!

The photographs are amazing, the educational value is fantastic - it's packed full of animal, and environmental, facts, figures and information.

There are also activities to do and instructions for things to make, like frog hotels or hedgehog hideaways!

Did you know that a sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon?

There will be lots of other fun facts to learn during the course of your subscription and will be one of those rare times when you really feel you're getting value for money.

Happy Nat' Geo' reading!

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