5 Minute Stories Collection £24.90 @ The Book Depository

5 Minute Stories Collection £24.90 @ The Book Depository

fiveMinuteStoryCollectionIf you mosey over to The Book Depository, you'll be able to pick up a collection of five-minute story books for £24.90 instead of £59.90.

I'm in book mode again today; I can't help it.

I think books are one of the most amazing things you can give as a gift and some of the most fabulous things you can posses.

All children love having stories read to them; my youngest, and his dad, are currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban together, they're reading each book first and then watching the film.

Before they got to this bedtime story phase though, Edward preferred short stories but LOTS of them, "...can you read just o n e more story?  JUST one more..." which we all knew meant and just another one after that, and if we were feeling soft enough another one after that one too.

There are six to seven stories in each book and each story takes about five minutes to read - you got that from the post title though, right?

They are ideal to read to young children who are starting to recognise words and the easy-to-read text also allows independent readers or older children to read aloud and build their confidence.

There are the really well-loved classics such as The Elves and the Shoemaker (I LOVED that story!), Rapaunzel and Princess and the Pea, then in the official book blurb it refers to 'lesser-known classics'...is there such a thing as a lesser-known classic...?

Either way, happy five-minute storytelling!


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