42 Rainbow Magic Books £20 @ The Book people

42 Rainbow Magic Books £20 @ The Book people

RMBCNow this is an absolute STORMER of a deal if you have a little girl who loves stories...

It doesn't take a genius to do the maths...42 books for £20 that's, as near as dammit, 50 pence per book  - they should be £3.99 each! - and THAT my PlayPennies friends is what I call a deal!

The Rainbow Magic books are aimed at new readers who have a little bit of literary confidence already, by the time they've read through all of these they'll be on to Shakespeare!  Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration but their reading skills will be much improved.

The chapters are just the right size to be manageable and the stories are perfect for capturing the imagination and being whisked off into a fairytale, 42 of them.

Every title features a different fairy character and have beed designed to be familiar throughout to build your budding reader's confidence.  I'm quite intrigued to read about Harriet the Hamster Fairy or Georgia the Goldfish Fairy and as for Sarah the Sunday Fairy, well I hope she's nice and let's everyone have lazy Sundays!

Standard delivery is £3.95 but if you see something else that catches your eye and will take your order to over £25 then delivery is freeeee.

Happy reading!

Thanks to uglybob over at HUKD


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