2 Driver Dan's Story Train Story Books £2.99 @ The Book People

2 Driver Dan's Story Train Story Books £2.99 @ The Book People

The Book People are selling these two Driver Dan's Story Train story books, as a pair, for £2.99 - their usual full list price is £7.98.

I don't know anything about Driver Dan's Story Train, he's come along too late for me to be able to tell you about him first hand.  I have to say though, after a bit of Googling, that he looks rather fabulous and all of my kids would have loved him when they were in the right age range to be Driver Dan's Story Train fans.

So, Driver Dan is a CGI lion who drives the Story Train; each character within Driver Dan's Story Train has their own carriage (apart from Driver Dan, well, unless you count his driver seat engine, of course and Twinkle - she's a bird) that can be hitched up to the Story Train.  When Driver Dan stops at a character and hitches their carriage to the Story Train an adventure unfolds involving that character - that's the brief gist of Driver Dan's Story Train!

These two Driver Dan's Story Train story books are suitable for youngsters aged one year and older and the titles are: The Stripey Seed and The Congo Conga.

Single item delivery with The Book People is usually £1.95.  However, I have a free delivery code for you - yipppeee!  To have your pair of Driver Dan books delivered for free simply add this code - 2012CHAT - into the promotion code box in your online basket and the £1.95 single item delivery charge will disappear before your very eyes; magic!

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