1000s Of Free Books @ Wattpad

This is a very tasty app for both the Android and iOS platforms that allows you to access and read thousands of free books, including some of the very latest and greatest sellers. The app is free to use and download and the books are free to read.

Every day millions of people visit Wattpad to discover fun new stories. Their social eReading app connects readers and writers across all genres. You vote for the best stories, share your comments with other readers and even leave comments for your favourite authors.

You can browse their library of over three million stories that range from contemporary suspense to teen fiction and science fiction. The app includes features such as auto scroll, night mode and offline reading, and you gain access to thousands of free books at the same time.

I have never used the app, but I assume some of the books are paid for while others are free so you do need to do a bit of hunting about.

Thanks to cymru1978 at HUKD!

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