List Of 10 Great Science Books For Kids

My mum has always been a fan of giving educational books to the kids - she would have loved doing due dilligence on this list of 10 great science books for kids.

If you're struggling to find some great books for kids that are both entertaining and informative then this list of science books might come to you rescue.

Having looked through the list, a few of the books stand out for me and look rather fun.

Pond Walk is one of them and aimed at littlies aged between four and seven; a cute little book for budding biologists complete with silly jokes to keep things light.

Eleven Experiments that Failed details, well, eleven experiments that failed!  Such as: Can a kid survive the winter on ketchup-covered snowball? I'm assuming that no kids were harmed during the quest to discover the answer to this one *grin*

Nature Adventures is all about nature spotting wherever you are - whether it's the city, the countryside or whilst you're mooching along on the beach - and is aimed at slightly older kids aged between six and nine.

I rather like the look of 'In the Bag - Margaret Knight Wraps It Up!' - it tells the story of Margaret Knight, a girl living in the 1850s who started inventing things at the age of 12 and went on to invent a machine that made flat bottomed paper bags!

Some of the books might be too American in reference for our English market, but the ones I've highlighted above should be worth a look at.

Hope that adds a few more Christmas present ideas to the list of potential things to buy when you can't bear the thought of another toy with bells or whistles on it!

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