Tower T17023 Compact Air Fryer £24.99 @ Argos

Tower T17023 Compact Air Fryer £24.99

Here's an Air Fryer for under £25! The Tower T17023 Compact Air Fryer at Argos usually sells for £39.99 but is now only £24.99. That's probably the cheapest I have ever seen one for. They are ideal Christmas Presents for couples or families - especially if they like to cook.

The Tower T17023 Compact Air Fryer scores 5 stars on the Argos site so it must be good value for money.

It uses little or no oil to cook food - you get that delicious fried taste without all the fat. Chips are cooked so that they are crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

If you want a larger one (more suitable for families) then this Tower T17021 Air Fryer* for £29.99 might be better.

You can Reserve and Collect the Tower T17023 Compact Air Fryer for FREE from an Argos store near you or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your front door.


  • Moira C.

    Yes that’s what I need xx

  • Claire L.

    Definitely hun cheapest I've seen it xx

  • Emma J.

    :joy::joy::joy: its the most simplest of cooking chips ever :joy: you couldnt get it wrong :joy: turkey and chips nom nom nom xxx

  • Luke C.

    Stu was telling me about these the other day and says they are really good

  • Luke C.

    Probably a bit healthier than most ways of cooking chips lol xx

  • Donna W.

    Anyone got a review on it please xx

    • Sharon J.

      All the reviews on the Argos page are 5/5

  • Alison B.

    :scream: gonna have a look at this! Thank you!

  • Jennifer M.

    This is the one my mum has and she lives it x

  • Kristy H.

    Woop just got one! Just started sw last week so will use frylight for some nice syn free chips!

  • Alistair M.

    The whole point of chips is that there greasy lol xxx

  • Emily B.

    No I’m going to order the big one xx

  • Corey F.

    No way was £90 in dunelm :flushed:

  • Sharon P.

    Me too. Love a bargain xx

  • Kelly S.

    its soooooooooo cool! In only 2 weeks I've used it more than the slow cooker I've owned for over 5 years!

  • Emily B.

    The big one is out of stock xx

  • Sophie B.

    cool I’ll get one then xx

  • Angie L.

    They do a bigger one for an extra fiver too xx

  • Charlotte P.

    That’s well good, I need to get one of them Friday x

  • Debs B.

    I saw this earlier Need to check stock x

  • Donna F.

    I got one from b and m for £39 x

  • Claione A.

    Takes forever to cook lol xx

  • Carley G.

    I’ve got one now - that’s annoying

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