HP Stream 11-y053na 11.6" Laptop £149 Delivered @ Currys

HP Stream 11-y053na Laptop £149

What do you do when your child asks for a laptop for Christmas? You head over to Currys that what. Unless you have £££'s to spend, this HP Stream 11-y053na 11.6" Laptop is an affordable option. Currys have reduced it from £219.99 to just £149!

The HP Stream 11-y053na 11.6" Laptop comes in a choice of three colours - blue, purple and white!

Here's what you need to know: Windows 10, Intel® Celeron™ Processor N3060 and RAM: 2GB/Storage: 32GB eMMC.

Comes with 1 year subscription to Office 365 and 1TB OneDrive!

Ideal for Homework, Social Media and surfing the net.

Delivery is FREE!


  • Samantha B.

    :joy::joy::joy: would this not do u?

  • Vikki H.

    This is the one i was guna get today hun xx

  • Cheryl C.

    Ah right.... oh well :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Lucy H.

    Cheers chick I’ll take a look :eyes:

  • Alexis G.

    If you follow the link it takes you to Curry’s website xx

  • Alexis G.

    Or you can look it up on currys x

  • Hayley H.

    Im the same i no i need more then 16gb...n 64 ram something like that :joy::joy:

  • Michael U.

    Im going tomorrow can get them both one

  • Sara W.

    Got it Thankyou so much:kissing_heart:

  • Laura B.

    Don't show me anymore bargains :see_no_evil: I got the tablet instead of laptop :joy: at this rate he will end up with bout 6 main presents and I'll b skint for next 6 months :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Stacey C.

    :joy::joy: you're mental! x

  • Marie G.

    Send it back. Av no got £500 :joy:. U are mad wanting to pay all that lol x

  • Sarah E.

    Thanks lovely I’ll look at that one xx

  • Wendy F.

    Thank you for remembering about me Hun got one on Friday £299.99 but payed £443 with all the add ons in the end but at least it’s bought now so crisis over lol :joy: xx

  • Crystal C.

    I was just looking at this how strange lol x

  • Crystal C.

    Think we will get her hover board x

  • Sarah P.

    This is the one I have my eyes on in the blue on Argos - will check with Aaron but pretty sure this one will be it.Thank you so much for helping find it x

  • Suzanne G.

    I think we at set on getting a pc, thanks though that is a bargain!

  • Siobhan T.

    Got mine sorted thanks xx

  • Rachel H.

    Aw thanks Hun. We managed to get one for her, just got a Chomebook for the other one now too! x x

  • Emma H.

    Yeah toffee vodka n procecco made my memory go xx

  • Alison A.

    Expensive these kids aren’t they??!! :laughing: Looking at it this one might be a bit small to be fair

  • Katie B.

    Not the speed etc, thanks tho xx

  • Danielle H.

    This is a cute laptop :information_desk_person::joy::see_no_evil:

  • Collette D.

    That’s amazing , thank you x

  • Gail O.

    I know mind u i have no clue lol x

  • Danielle-Natasha C.

    No worries a tag takes seconds :kissing_heart:

  • Ashley S.

    No, it's got hardly any storage, not enough memory to run windows (so anything on it will be very slow), and the processor on it is very slow too.

  • Rogue R.

    Aah I’ve ordered a dell one today! Thanks tho xxx

    • Rogue R.

      A dell one...I have a dell one through work and I really like it but hp and asus are meant to be good too x

    • Rogue R.

      No I couldn’t get any of them on the dell website but I have got 15% off

  • Tommy-j M.

    That's a alright deal but only has 2gb of ram. I need a laptop for about 300

  • Ashley S.

    Do it we need something xxcxx

  • Lynne M.

    I've managed to reserve one in Argos that was 129.99 down from 199.99 in the sale so I'm going to go get it in morning thanks xx

  • Andrea M.

    Was looking at this earlier

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