Half Price Colour In Cardboard Playhouses @ Hobbycraft

1/2 Price Cardboard Playhouses

This is a fab offer for Black Friday from Hobbycraft, as they have dropped their Colour In Cardboard Playhouses down to half price, so they are now from just £6 - £8.50 each!

There are three designs on offer; an Igloo for £6 (was £12), and a Fairy Playhouse or a Rocket for £8.50 (was £17).

They are made from strong and sturdy cardboard with illustrated outlines ready for kids to colour in however they like. They can really let their imaginations go wild with these and decorate them exactly how they want to, and then they get to play in them as well!

I think these are brilliant value for money, and I'm ordering a Spaceship for my boys right now!

Click and collect is available for free when you spend £10 or more. Standard delivery costs from £4.50, or is free on orders over £20.


  • Lisa L.

    scarlet would love these x

  • Genna S.

    this would be right up Sams atreet

  • Hayley B.

    I thought I might get one of each of these for the boys at Christmas?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Angie H.

    I got the space ships for liam and olly last year x

  • Trisha M.

    They wouldn't last five minutes with mollie :see_no_evil: have to be strong cardboard :joy:

  • Sara P.

    Baden would probably love one

  • Natalie W.

    They wouldn't last 5 mins in my house... My 2 would be trying to climb them :slight_frown:

  • Francesca �.

    Wow!!! So much easier. Might have to invest xxx

  • Emily W.

    Ashton would love to put his mark on that! Horrid Henry!

  • Elaine M.

    I ordered the fairy house for Freya :blush:

  • Sadie S.

    I'm sure I saw a castle 1 when I went and thought about getting it. Will see if it's in the sale and maybe a present father Christmas brings :thumbsup_tone2: x

  • Elaine M.

    Yes think she will enjoy it....ordered her a little pink unicorn case too! They have a few good sale items x

  • Samii M.

    I've just ordered the fairy house for Grace for Xmas!! :heart_eyes:

  • Chloe L.

    Lucas used to have something similar he loved it

  • Sarah B.

    shall we get a new fort? :european_castle: x

    • Sarah B.

      obviously but the whole mam thing doesn't work when you are tagging people lol x

  • Shelley E.

    Oooo I will have a look today! X

  • Tracy D.

    The girls would be super amused lol xxx

  • Karen H.

    would these be any good for grace?

  • Emily H.

    I want to buy one for at mums. The kids would love x

  • Karen W.

    I think we should get one :grinning:

  • Jayne M.

    this is right up Aaron's street

  • Jodie D.

    The castle or spaceship looks cool xx

  • Amanda D.

    Aww Cara would love this!!x

  • Gillian C.

    remembered you saying that at Christmas time x

  • Amanda D.

    I know. I will def get one for xmas time x

  • Lauren E.

    I looked at these yesterday!!! :joy::joy::see_no_evil:

  • Rachel W.

    Wonder if we could strengthen it

  • Katy M.

    He's already had the castle one

  • Chrissie P.

    Ah they are what I wanted for preschool.but they were stupid prices xx

  • Rebecca G.

    Brill thanks I’ll have a look

  • Kelly A.

    I like you take it home x

  • Fiona H.

    She’s had the space ship before. I need the castle for myself

  • Lynsey M.

    Deffo they are brill!! Xxx

  • Bobbie-Leah D.

    Grrr.. just went to order a castle & its out of stock :persevere::triumph:

  • Louisa M.

    Are these only this price online? The castle is out of stock, but wondering if I should nip down to my local hobby craft or not.

  • Joanna M.

    Big James would moan they weren't colouring it in right lol xx

  • Louisa M.

    They are in store at this price too, just got one of the castles.

  • Katie M.

    the kids would love these!

  • Carrie R.

    something to occupy boys?

  • Dawn W.

    Give yourself plenty of time to construct the igloo. I unwisely decided to put it up Christmas Eve and fill it with presents :tired_face:. It was massive :joy:. Sturdy too!

  • Stacey H.

    Ahh will go have a look they look good! X

  • Mandy L.

    I had one of these for the kids a couple of years ago. It was fantastic. XX

  • Kirsty J.

    Cool we should get one for Luca x

  • Abbi P.

    Amazing. Thanks lovely. Eva will love one! X

  • Amanda B.

    How big is it as don't want something that would take up too much space

  • Ashleigh T.

    They can paint them out the back x

  • Emma S.

    These look awesome but would have nowhere to put it! Xxx

  • Kaye W.

    I’m going to pop in there tomorrow :blush:

  • Hannah S.

    Honestly brill :raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2: although the boys decided on trying to jump off the sofa into the hole at the top... u can imagine how that ended

  • Sarah J.

    Loved this we’ve gone for the fairy house this year

  • Charlotte J.

    I fort u said u already had one lol xx

  • Emma P.

    If they wont allow a chrismas tree in the classroom where will they put these? x

  • Lou A.

    I actually might have to :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Claire D.

    On my list for next year :) my window is all done so fingers crossed:) xcx

  • Gem S.

    I have I got it yday but that’s what I done xx

  • Susan H.

    At yours of ours :joy::joy::kissing_heart:

  • Ali B.

    Yours - for dad

  • Susan H.

    Ok or there is a fairy playhouse for £8.50!

  • Susan H.

    Or there is a fairy playhouse for £8.50!

  • Ali B.

    Which do you like best? X

  • Olivia C.

    I might buy one and take myself off inside it to hide from my 3 :joy::joy:

  • Emma B.

    I’m thinking one each for ur 2 x

  • Ali B.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: I’d start building it as soon as you get it - take forever :joy::joy: x

  • Phyllis A.

    I've got it believe me I see a bargain lol xx

  • Phyllis A.

    Even the Christmas tree on the wall x

  • Steph S.

    :flushed::flushed::flushed: WOW! That is one very adventurous plan! I can’t help but be a little bit impressed by that :see_no_evil:

  • Julie W.

    Not the igloo .. only fairy house .. we will just have to paint it ! ... ordered :thumbsup:

  • Kerry L.

    i’d be quite happy sat in one of these :slight_smile: x

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