GLITCH: 3 Large Jar Yankee Candles For £23.99

GLITCH: 3 Large Jar Yankee Candles For £23.99

EDIT: Out of stock

HURRY! Get over to Boots now and you can THREE Large Jar Yankee Candles for just £23.99. This is because these have a third off and are on 3 for 2. Be quick, Boots could pull this at any time, or they will sell out! Gooooooo!

This Glitch works on only those Yankee Candle Large Jars that have a THIRD off and are included in the '3 for 2'. Grab three of those and head to the checkout and you'll get them for just £23.99.

How about Black Cherry*, Sea Salt & Sage* and Black Coconut*?

Click and Collect is FREE of charge!


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  • Lindsey E.

    I want the cherry one plz

    • Tammylee C.

      I want a baby powder one lol

      • Andrea E.

        Thank you I'm running low :grin:x

        • Becky M.

          I've just put mine through! 3 large cherry for 23.99 :thumbsup_tone1:

          • Samantha B.

            has to be three of the same to work you cant mix them :)

            • Becky M.

              That's what I did lol x

            • Rebecca D.

              It works if you get 3 of the same candle!

              • Jayd S.

                Working on the cupcake one but I got three for 23.99 - might only work for three of the same? x

                • Sarah C.

                  Just got this deal :thumbsup_tone1:

                  • Yvonne E.

                    Just orden 3x vanilla cupcake for £23.99 what a bargain thanks for the tip :blush:

                    • Amy H.

                      3 for 2 now gone and the candles were disappearing from my basket as I was putting my details in! :cry:

                      • Emma E.

                        Oh my god I need them lol xx

                        • Hazel B.

                          I just got an email saying mine had passed checks and order accepted. Getting passed on to warehouse to send out order. So worked for me. X

                          • Danielle M.

                            Not working anymore :cry: xx

                            • Louise B.

                              yeah all 3 4 2 now say sold out x

                              • Geraldine-Anne W.

                                Cherry one would b nice xxx

                                • Geraldine-Anne W.

                                  You can get some if you like boo xxx

                                  • Aymee W.

                                    Had them to but not the cherry one I don’t think it would be nice, I like fresh smells best, clean cotton xxxxx

                                    • Beth W.

                                      I wasn't even looking at the fragrances haha xx

                                      • Aymee W.

                                        Hahaha cheap tho I think there will be loads of sales on them, tbh I only go for woodwick candles now anyway more stronger xxxxxx

                                        • Beth W.

                                          Ok candle queen. I will tell mum you want woodwick ones xxxx