GIANT Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar (4.5kg) £73.99 @ Amazon

GIANT Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bar (4.5kg) £73.99 @ Amazon

It's not Christmas without a big bar of Toblerone! However, normally that would mean the 150g ones you see in Poundland. That's just not going to cut it this year, not now that I have seen this GIANT one at Amazon. It's a monster - an absolutely delicious beast of a chocolate bar weighing 4.5kg!

Now that I have told you about this pyramid shaped marvel, you my well be licking your lips and clutching your debit card. The bad news is that is Honey and Almond Nougat studded beauty will set you back £73.99.

It's not all doom and gloom though - normally it's £75, so if you grab one now you're not only getting FREE delivery but you are saving a whopping £1.01.

We all know someone that would literally die and go to heaven if they were handed this humungous Toblerone, it's just whether you can justify spending the best part of £75 on chocolate.


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  • Fliss D.

    - I’d make it fit in my stocking.

    • Abby T.

      this might see you through till Christmas :joy::joy:

      • Sarah C.

        Haha probably not :see_no_evil:xxx

      • Sam B.

        Is that in Costco? I saw one like that last year and wanted to cry tears of joy!

        • Danielle C.

          That has my name written all over it!

          • Annabell P.

            They are in Tescos for £60

            • Clare M.

              How would u even break a bit off???

              • Rachel R.

                Yes! Can you just imagine! I think a bar of that size would require a ceremony on par with John Lewis’s Christmas dept!x

                • Trevor C.

                  it would fit in my stocking. my compression socks stretch.x

                  • Russell M.

                    would look like a dog gnawing on a bone

                    • Nicola R.

                      Oh my!! Looks like I need a bigger stocking this year! X

                      • Amanda T.

                        Omg!!! I just clicked on the link and saw the price :hushed: Perfect size for me!! Xx

                        • Donna S.

                          Just seen price it can stay at shop for £73.99 hahaha

                          • Dawn W.

                            Ooooooo we were just in about them at work

                            • Jenni K.

                              These are £57 in morrisons

                              • Beki T.

                                They do them in tesco... £60!! I'd give it a good go

                                • Jan M.

                                  whatttt 60 quid is it gold lol x

                                  • Wendy W.

                                    I will hang my tights on the fireplace, sure Santa could get a few in them !!! lol xx :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

                                    • Will W.

                                      I need this in my life right now

                                      • Will W.

                                        Could life get any better? :joy:

                                        • Laura W.

                                          £69 in Cadbury shop :yum: £70 odd in Tesco