Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur (& Other Flavours) £13.50 @ Amazon (Expired)

Edinburgh Gin  Flavoured Gin Liqueur £13.50

Holy moly! This has to be one of the best Cyber Weekend Deals of 2017. Get the full size bottle of Edinburgh Gin in a choice of three flavours for just £13.50. Now, this is most definitely the cheapest I have seen this. I am stocking up for the festive season because it's bloody bargain! I happily pay £16+ a bottle for this every fortnight!

This fantastic offer is on for today only, but I reckon we will see sell outs way before then.

I enjoy the Rhubarb and Ginger one the best - it's delicious and so easy to drink. The other flavours, Raspberry* and Elderflower* are lovely too and are the same price.

Each bottle contains 500ml (50cl). Drink neat, with Lemonade, Soda or Tonic - or for the ultimate Winter Warmer drop into Prosecco.

Treat yourself, or use as a Christmas Present (preferably with someone that will share with you).

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime members or those spending £20+.


  • Deborah M.

    for Ged I know you also like Gin xx

  • Marie C.

    You meant to add it to Prosecco?

  • Roisin C.

    no idea just saw Gin and tagged you :joy:

  • Marie C.

    I always guess it will be gin based when I see Ro has mentioned you in a comment

  • Janet E.

    I had that one last night, very nice x

  • Sara M.

    Arggghhhh! Quick!!!! :runner:‍♀️

  • Sheley M.

    oh will def invest in these! will make them last a bit longer this time tho :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Charlene W.

    I literally finished the bottle last night as well thanks Sissy xxx

  • Nicola E.

    Feeling rough my dear?? :joy:

  • Melissa S.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: guess who will be making wee purchase the now :joy::joy:

  • Lindsey M.

    Yeah it’s a good price xx

  • Leanne B.

    Oooh may have to order :kissing_heart: xx

  • Melissa S.

    Yeah it sure is am stuck between rubarb one or the raspberry one xx

  • Francesca B.

    I love gin!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Clare W.

    Oh my!!!!! YES!! SOLD

  • Nick H.

    Thank you - appreciate it.

  • Natalie P.

    Someone needs to buy me these!

  • Wendy G.

    Where's my cards?! Logging on now! :joy::joy:

  • Kirsty-Anne H.

    I can’t think about gin right now :see_no_evil: haha

  • Kim G.

    Might have to get a bottle :wink:

  • Victoria H.

    You order n I’ll fetch cash today z

  • Zoe P.

    Well at that price it's rude not to :thumbsup::joy:

  • Laura F.

    I’m so glad you didn’t tag me in this yesterday :joy: xx

  • Jessica W.

    They sell the rhubarb in asda

  • Lauren S.

    Oh exciting! I’m away to buy a raspberry one x

  • Shona W.

    Oooo need to have a look xx

  • Debbie R.

    I ordered my Christmas stock online on Friday :muscle_tone1: still yet to try the Lidl equivalent at £11 a bottle but last time I went for the shop opening while Michael was at work people were fighting over it :joy: so it must be good! x

  • Callie P.

    Thanks for the tag...I’m going to order some :heart_eyes: drank it with proseco yesterday :ok_hand:x

  • Amanda S.

    He's still off the booze!!

  • Shona W.

    Like the look of the raspberry one too xx

  • Tracey S.

    Ended up buying 3 bottles :see_no_evil:

  • Ann P.

    Got them . Saw them on Friday £15 a bottle at Tesco

  • Jill D.

    Same, ive been forced into ordering this one as a result :joy: x

  • Amy M.

    Aw I love this. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: gonna get a bottle now :see_no_evil::joy: xx

  • Shelley W.

    Ooooo thanks will have a look tomorrow when I get paid xx

  • Dawn B.

    Most definitely worth it:grin::thumbsup:

  • Shona W.

    Forced ..... love it!! :joy::joy: xx

  • Jenna L.

    Well that's annoying I bought this is John Lewis yesterday!

  • Sara S.

    Don't encourage him to buy any more ( but I might

  • Lesley C.

    Deffo, shall be treating myself this morning! Xx

  • Val J.

    That’s what I was drinking last night ! Love it x

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