Black Friday Tips: 10% Off Everything On Black Friday @ B&M

Black Friday Tips: 10% Off Everything On Black Friday @ B&M

Rumour has it, that on Black Friday, B&M will be offering ALL it's customers that day 10% off everything. That's right from open until close, you can buy one item or trolleys full and receive discount.

This is an in store Black Friday event and won't be happening online. Black Friday is held on Friday 25th November.

B&M are great at Christmas Time, even without that 10% off. That's why we are a tad excited to get even more money off. There are a few exclusions but the usual ones: (Excludes Lottery, Phone Cards, Cigarettes, Tobacco, and Payzone.

We quite like the idea that B&M opt to discount everything rather than just a few items for people to fight over.

I tend to go there for Stocking Fillers and Toys. For example, they sell After Eight Chocolates for £1 a box, so they will be only 90p. They also have an impressive selection of American Confectionery as well as many Christmas Novelties.

Thanks to iansh


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  • Sue B.

    Well that will be very busy then.!!!

    • Jan M.

      I'll shall nd to go up a nosey i love b&m lol.x

      • Louise B.

        Great make it even more crowded lol

        • Jessica-Lucy H.

          Shame I don't get paid til 26th :joy: oh well there's still bargains on over that weekend and cyber monday. X

          • Louise B.

            Thanks I will be there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:x

            • Kirsty-Louise L.

              Thanks! I spent a fortune in there the other day as well, lol!