Black Friday Deals Now On @ Build-A-Bear

Black Friday Build-A-Bear Deals

If the kids love Build-A-Bear then you will be pleased to know that they have some fantastic Black Friday deals starting today!

From Thursday 23rd November you can buy one Build--A-Bear toy and get another for just a fiver*! This offer includes Shopkins, Trolls, Paw Patrol, Dragons and much more! You will find this offer in store and online and it finishes at the end of the day on Friday 24th November.

They also have an offer on £5 Clothing* too, with full outfits worth as much as £14 down to £5 each!

On Black Friday itself Build-A-Bear have another cracking offer in store and online. You can choose from a Gingerbread Boy or Gingerbread Girl soft toy for just £5! What brilliant Christmas presents they would make!

The buy one get one for £5 offer excludes Big Colour Glow Glisten, Merry Mission Reindeer collection and Pokemon furry friends.


  • Libby L.

    can you grab 2 of each on fri please? Xx

  • Adele T.

    I need these only 2 each tho I need 3 boys and a girl

  • Theresa H.

    to add to your xmas collection xx

    • Gina S.

      Awe they are so cute xxxxx

  • Janine W.

    I need these don't know when I got time to go there tho

  • Tara M.

    can you go on friday? :heart_eyes:

  • Caitriona M.

    Oh yes I must look at these! :heart_eyes:

  • Tracy P.

    We r supposed to be being good,lol.x

  • Tracy P.

    yeah that’s boring :sob::sob:

  • Shell C.

    Been waiting for this. Brought them last year for Christmas and Easter was brilliant

  • Tracy P.

    Yeah that’s boring :sob::sob:

  • Lisa W.

    Thinking Xmas eve boxes x

  • Sophie P.

    I'm going to try n get the gingerbread ones z

  • Alison C.

    Oh wow sooo cute. Thanks chick :kissing_heart:

  • Rebecca R.

    Omg I need the thurs offer to get beast and a shopkins bear! Xx

  • Natalie P.

    Iv just bloody been on there buying a sodding wardrobe! x

  • Gemma M.

    Going to get them a bear each when go Belfast on 9th for Xmas eve

  • Hannah B.

    Nope, we going to heritage for Christmas light switch on.

  • Joanna M.

    You know what I'm getting in morning :speak_no_evil::heartpulse::smile:

  • Lucinda P.

    On Friday they £5 each online

  • Jayne C.

    Ordering one I'll be on website at :clock12: midnight

  • Jennifer D.

    You’ve gotta buy one then you get the second for £5 xx

  • Heather P.

    Lol go in to builder bear in frenchgate or our fav place xx

  • Julie M.

    We will have to pop in the shop on Friday or go on line ASAP in Friday x

  • Rebecca R.

    Snap I need a beast and shopkins! Xx

  • Laurie M.

    Omg. Buy one get one for a fiver good xx

  • Lynda F.

    Love a gingerbread man I do :heart_eyes:

  • Maria B.

    How nice and a fiver bargain...

  • Tracy M.

    Actually the three boys would like these

  • Helen G.

    I didn't think they always did the Black Friday deals online, I'll def check it Thankyou :)

  • Leah-Michelle O.

    Must have :heart::heart::heart: thanks for heads up x

  • Laura L.

    Awww Olivia would love these :heart_eyes:

  • Elizabeth T.

    Ah love then :grinning:thank you xx

  • Erica H.

    Oh they're lovely I'll try on Friday x

  • Emma F.

    louis would go mad for the paw patrol ones lol

  • Ceri B.

    incas it's any good for you x

  • Kath R.

    Maybe we should treat the kids xx

  • Theresa M.

    It’s just tomorrow :thumbsdown_tone1:

  • Leanne P.

    Thanks that's really good do u no wen offer on til x

  • Coleen R.

    1 for Demi and then 1 for Mali,not that im encouraging u to spend :joy::joy:

  • Hannah M.

    I saw this, makes me want to get the girls another one each :see_no_evil: The past few days they’ve had £10 off a £30 spend so I got it all in 3 different orders :slight_smile: £30 off in total so I’m happy xx

  • Hannah M.

    Yeah that’s right, I was planning on ordering the teddies next month but thought £10 off £30 was really good and didn’t want to miss it xx

  • Lorna123

    I can't seem to find this offer online?

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