Black Friday : GHD IV Stylers From £84.99

Best Black Friday GHD Deals UK 2017

GHD's are one of the most sort after items when it comes to Black Friday. So many people have GHD Hair Straighteners on their Christmas lists so when Black Friday comes around it is worth shopping around for a bargain.

There's 30% off for Black Friday at the official ghd store*

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  • Jessie-May C.

    The new purple ones look lush xx

  • Hayley K.

    LOL! I saw these this morning. Thanks

  • Claire R.

    Brought them last week! :see_no_evil:

  • Jennifer H.

    Got mine last week lol typical x

  • Kim C.

    That’s good isn’t it!!! Xxxx

  • Adele L.

    Yeah it was. I ordered some this morning cos there’s 30% ghd website thanks x

  • Lu R.

    Ooh good!! Might have to consider this!! Xx

  • Kerry F.

    Got them already but thank you x

  • Helen N.

    Bargain!! I miss my ghd's soooo bad!! I'll Order them now!!

  • Lisa W.

    Ahhh thanks matey :raised_hands_tone1: x

  • Emma G.

    . Not that I need any but how nice are these xx

  • Katie J.

    Ah thanks! I'll have a look xx

  • Emma J.

    May invest in a new pair now :see_no_evil:

  • Ceri E.

    Its fab it doesnt cut my hair it just glides through!!

  • Emma J.

    Ooooooooooooo sounds good lol x

  • Sophie W.

    Yea they are very nice xx

  • Aimee B.

    Nice and colourful though x

  • Lorraine P.

    Could do with a new pair of these :grinning:

  • Fairfield H.


  • Fairfield H.


  • Suzanne C.

    Not even platinum ones though...

  • Clare J.

    Absolutely fab deal. Over the moon x

  • Vickie B.

    Already bought the girls a gift set each of ghds...typical... lol :joy:

  • Suzanne C.

    I’d heard the iv were better than the the v but the platinum got good again ... :weary:

  • Eilidh M.

    Have a look there’s some deals :raised_hands_tone1:

  • Lu R.

    I already ordered some haha!! Mum went halves with me!! Xx

  • Clare H.

    I just want the hair dryer! mines nearly ready to conk, I've already super glued it! xxxx

  • Chelsea M.

    Got them today thank you xxx

  • Keara Q.

    Brilliant. I have a ghd hairdryer that I’ve never ever used lol. And that’s about 6 years ago :information_desk_person_tone2:‍♀️

  • Keara Q.

    I’d love the ghd styler :see_no_evil: I have ghd straightness

  • Chloe E.

    Yes that's it!! Good price :thumbsup_tone2:

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