All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" Display 8 GB £29.99

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" 8 GB £29.99

Now this is what I call a bargain! If you're after a tablet, get your debit card out as the All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" Display 8 GB is now under £30!



  • All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa, 7" Display Black £29.99 Black/Yellow/Blue/Red - Get it here @ Amazon*


This is Amazon's best selling Fire tablet ever, and this is such a brilliant price too, by far the lowest it has been.

I'm grabbing one for my son, as it's been recommended as a great kids tablet and at this price I'll not worry about him breaking it!


  • Susie S.

    They do this every year...highly recommend I literally have a house full of these and with toddlers still yet to break :) il be getting one...:)

  • Emma M.

    these be gd for nursery x

    • Debra Y.

      Definitely. Let’s get some x

  • Amanda M.

    Fantastic little tablets, but get a nice big memory card for it!

  • Sarah G.

    these are good for Caleb... Anthony's got one x

  • Amy H.

    Already seen it... will do it in morning cx

  • Linzi W.

    I just seen these, starts at midnight tonight xx

  • Jenna B.

    Do you need to then get Amazon fire to watch etc any good for Kids?

    • Steff R.

      Perfect for kids :) you can subscribe to amazon kids and get access to all sorts! :) x

    • Jenna B.

      Thank you will look into that xx

  • Michael B.

    Was wanting a bigger one but for that price ill try and get it.

  • Aimee B.

    Definetly ordering this tomorrow! X

  • Chrissie P.

    I bought them originally bloody annoying xx

  • Amanda S.

    Wow that's cheap! Will probably sell out quickly tho at that price!

  • Stacey C.

    Yes but I've already brought one lolxx

  • Melanie H.

    Doof, just paid £139 for the kids fire kindle, gutted!!! But thank you! At £29 if it gets broken its not such a big deal. You're still a great bargain hunter I see! x

  • Julie A.

    At that price if it breaks it’s not a huge issue

  • Sheila C.

    Thank God we didn't buy it it's half the price now

  • Lisa K.

    Going to try think they will sell out straight away x

  • Lynsey H.

    I'm gonna get then for kids tomorra x

  • Claire B.

    We have these they are fab x

  • Michelle P.

    These are new for 2017 with Alexa too :wink:

  • Zoe M.

    Dam but not the toddler safe one with the replacement guarantee x

  • Kim C.

    Fab price will keep an eye out for it ordered it the other day but if it drops to that I will get it and return the one I just got ha ha

  • Rachel T.

    We use them at work and are good, we've got other tablets too but the girls all prefer the kindle - they're quite robust too x

  • Andrew P.

    That’s a great deal..... Teddy would love the W’lexa too. Xx

  • Kayleigh G.

    Do you think it will be from midnight?

  • Rob S.

    I'll order him one tomorrow

  • Amy H.

    I just bought the kids one for £89.99 yesterday arrived today xx

  • Jenni R.

    I want the 8.. I reckon that will come down too xxx

  • Sian M.

    cool thanks. Just wanting something cheap and easy for the boys instead of fighting over the iPad all the time :see_no_evil: x

  • Claire M.

    It looks like a good deal x

  • Rachel T.

    They're a good price (even when they're full price!) I'm sure they'll keep the boys occupied x

  • Rhoda M.

    Amazing! Will try and get one but I bet they will be like gold dust! Xx

  • Julie B.

    Yes that would be great for Jessie as she is always on Caitlins. £29.99 bonus :grinning: thanks for the heads up x

  • Lisa M.

    Get on it 2moro, different colours as well :grin:x

  • Bronagh M.

    Ordered an 8 inch one today

  • Bronagh M.

    Same one but 8inch screen

  • Jasmin S.

    . Is this what you was saying about? X

  • Gemma W.

    I have red one for Isla x

    • Kirstyn C.

      I bought red one too! Have you seen any nice covers anywhere? Xx

    • Gemma W.

      Not yet just wanted to get the tablet :two_hearts:

  • Bronagh M.

    £49 and double the storage

  • Danielle P.

    weren’t you looking for a tablet?xxx

    • Tina J.

      I just got it yesterday from Argos in the blue have u made a start yet x

    • Danielle P.

      Yes finally I hate it it’s never

  • Joanna D.

    I've bought two children's tablets already :see_no_evil:

  • Coleen W.

    I know, am fuming :sob::unamused:

  • Rose T.

    Just got one for christmas to give to my son

  • Hanna E.

    dad got it yesterday for him x

  • Chelsi C.

    Yeah I did. I get discount aswell if you want any xx

  • Dee P.

    I'm not going senile just yet then! good to know!

  • Leanne A.

    These are fab, got my hubby the red one but looks more orange :hugging:

  • Clare M.

    No babes it’s not lol it’s this xx

  • Cathie W.

    Got these for the boys! Good value x

  • Louise W.

    Perfect for little people :D xx

  • Cathie W.

    Yep. You can still put a parent lock on it so no need to spend more on the kids version x

  • Kayleigh H.

    that's not bad, don't see a point in getting her one of them again, quite like they leap frog ones that's on the telly x

  • Gul K.

    Can you use this for apps like mathletics?

    • Helen A.

      You'd probably just squeeze mathletics on it but what they don't tell you is over half of the 8gb is used by the operating system. The 16gb is only £10 more on Amazon. Save yourself the heartache of constant "mum it says there's no storange space for the update". Also recommend an sd card to boost the storage. Speaking from experience. Apart from storage space they're a fab tablet for kids.

    • Gul K.

      Thanks for letting me as don't know anything about this tablet and the price does seem too good to be true and that's the main thing I needed to get it for so would be dissapointing x

    • Claire C.

      Both my daughter's have these and have mathletics on them as well as a fair few other apps. You can add sd memory cards too.

    • Helen A.

      It is a really good tab for kids just so long as you're aware of that one issue. Google "limited storage on kindle fire " it's a common theme but I'd still recommend the 16gb any time

  • Gul K.

    Does Google play store work on this?

  • Keith R.

    Don’t think he’d need it now he has the phone.

  • Alicia H.

    :thumbsup_tone1: they are a bargain but really don't need xx

  • Darren M.

    can u order it I'll give u the moneyx

  • Kirsty R.

    We didn't 'need' anything today :joy::joy::joy:

  • Marie H.

    Yup tis what we got the monkeys :grin:

  • Heather M.

    We ordered all 4 colours :joy:

  • Meagen G.

    Didn't you mention for Isaac xx

  • Sarah T.

    haha got our Phillip to order me one,got the 16gb for £40 though lol thanks though mate xx

  • Jenny J.

    Thanks flange seems too cheap

  • Kristy O.

    Yeah I've ordered 3 already x

  • Vikkie M.

    Such a good deal!! I'm having a look now xx

  • Georgie L.

    Bargain, I want one for the kids, so they leave mine alone haha xx

  • Vikkie M.

    They will still have yours :joy::joy: xx

  • Rachael T.

    Thank you I'm after one for saffia and Zaalia because their hijacking our phones all the time :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lindsay S.

    No it's the Amazon Fire kids I think it £70 xxx

  • Lynne W.

    Great price as our one is knackered x

  • Michelle P.

    Lol Brian got one before yay xx

  • Gemma C.

    I've looked but not enough memory.... I'm debating whether to or not.... Or leave them to buy there own lol xx

    • Esther M.

      Just get an sd card to add more memory

    • Dawn B.

      The 16gb is only £10 more

    • Gemma C.

      I want 32 or 64. I've found SD cards tricky as can't move the apps to SD card but thanks

  • Colin H.

    Can I have one too. I'll pay for it.

  • Samantha H.

    Oh I'm sure u said u was going to get lil one. Ages ago though :thinking: or it may have been Lily that said it lol. Ahh well never mind xx

  • Susan D.

    Been looking, but might leave it this year as he hasn't actually asked for one. Thanks though x

  • Emma D.

    Such a bargain got both my boys one for xmas! So chuffed - love Amazon fire x

  • Elaine W.

    He has a kindle fire I bought him two years ago and he’s not used it :rage:

  • Kerry B.

    Just showin ya lv cos ur tylers said she's asked for a tablet for xmas from ya x

  • Dally R.

    It's OK but not enough memory it wouldn't last long

  • Dally R.

    Could get a memory card for it. Other than that it's probably OK

  • Donna M.

    we seen thisnhe said its no good needs google play x

  • Janet C.

    Ordered. Thanks Ashleigh.xx

  • Danielle D.

    Absolute bargain love this tablet and it's perfect for my girls so glad I got money off :)

  • Careen L.

    my mum got one in tesco today for the same price x

  • Gareth E.

    Ok. I get it. Everything is very cheap. :joy:

  • Mike E.

    Yeah I think so, long as it has you tube should be fine xx

  • Sara D.

    Your welcome :-) :innocent: xx

  • Seonaid B.

    We googled it but it didn't make much sense, some reviews say you can't get you tube others say you can download it some way?? X

  • Kerry R.

    I saw this the other day Kel not sure tho :thinking:

  • Amy F.

    I got him the 10 inch one. Thank's. Xxx

  • Lucy G.

    Lol I just thought I’d let you know as it’s such a good deal at the mo. You do need a memory card with them tho as the memory is very low

  • Jo R.

    I know the other 2 have them. Im dreaming of the peace

  • Victoria P.

    Rachael Thomas if it’s any help my mum got one for the grand kids and it came today! She’s set it up and says it’s fab

  • Melissa J.

    Cheers hun! Totally just bought this!!

  • Sharon F.

    It also has adverts on it which u can get rid of for extra £10 x

  • Gillian D.

    seems like a good price for this

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