All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" Display 8 GB £29.99

All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" Display 8 GB £29.99

Now this is what I call a bargain! If you're after a tablet, get your debit card out as the All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa 7" Display 8 GB is now under £30!




This is Amazon's best selling Fire tablet ever, and this is such a brilliant price too, by far the lowest it has been.

I'm grabbing one for my son, as it's been recommended as a great kids tablet and at this price I'll not worry about him breaking it!


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  • Susie S.

    They do this every year...highly recommend I literally have a house full of these and with toddlers still yet to break :) il be getting one...:)

    • Melanie H.

      Same twin boys and 3 girls lol

    • Emma M.

      these be gd for nursery x

      • Debra Y.

        Definitely. Let’s get some x

      • Amanda M.

        Fantastic little tablets, but get a nice big memory card for it!

        • Sarah G.

          these are good for Caleb... Anthony's got one x

          • Amy H.

            Already seen it... will do it in morning cx

            • Linzi W.

              I just seen these, starts at midnight tonight xx

              • Jenna B.

                Do you need to then get Amazon fire to watch etc any good for Kids?

                • Steff R.

                  Perfect for kids :) you can subscribe to amazon kids and get access to all sorts! :) x

                  • Jenna B.

                    Aww thank you how much is that a month etc don't know much about these things lol xx

                    • Steff R.

                      I think it's a couple of pound, it's really not much xx

                      • Jenna B.

                        Thank you will look into that xx

                        • Lou G.

                          would it be best for me to do this? X

                        • Michael B.

                          Was wanting a bigger one but for that price ill try and get it.

                          • Aimee B.

                            Definetly ordering this tomorrow! X

                            • Lisa K.

                              Going to try think they will sell out straight away x

                              • Lynsey H.

                                I'm gonna get then for kids tomorra x

                                • Rachel T.

                                  We use them at work and are good, we've got other tablets too but the girls all prefer the kindle - they're quite robust too x

                                  • Andrew P.

                                    That’s a great deal..... Teddy would love the W’lexa too. Xx

                                    • Kayleigh G.

                                      Do you think it will be from midnight?

                                      • Rob S.

                                        I'll order him one tomorrow

                                        • Amy H.

                                          I just bought the kids one for £89.99 yesterday arrived today xx

                                          • Jenni R.

                                            I want the 8.. I reckon that will come down too xxx

                                            • Sian M.

                                              cool thanks. Just wanting something cheap and easy for the boys instead of fighting over the iPad all the time :see_no_evil: x

                                              • Claire M.

                                                It looks like a good deal x

                                                • Rachel T.

                                                  They're a good price (even when they're full price!) I'm sure they'll keep the boys occupied x