Workshop Wednesday : Making Wrapping Paper

22 December 2010

Making wrapping paper 1Last week, fellow PlayPennies writer Tamsin wrote a feature post on Make Your Own Christmas Wrapping Paper. To be honest, I thought that sounded a bit easy. Get some paper and have your child crayon a bit. What I didn't realise was that in actual fact it would be the best crafty fun we'd have together pre-Christmas AND the end result looked fabulous!

I have a roll of paper - it's fairly low quality I guess, kind of like wallpaper liner but thinner and smaller. It cost very little from Ikea, and has the massive advantage of being able to pull as much off as you want. I couldn't find it online, on the Ikea website, but I did find these rolls of drawing paper on Amazon.

My son (5 and a half) asked for his crayons and glitter. I also had some ribbon (I keep all the odd bits and pieces of ribbon you get throughout the year in a container).

Making wrapping paper 2The first lot of wrapping paper was particularly special. This was for his class teacher, who he has a wee crush on, and he put a lot of thought into every picture he drew on there, and the exact mix of glitter colours used! It might look like just random blobs to the untrained eye, but trust me, there was a lot of method in that madness.

He'd run out of creative steam on the next piece of wrapping paper, this was for his teaching assistant (who is lovely). He just wanted to draw stars and Christmas trees.  This is when I had a brainwave. I am useless at drawing stars (as you can see from above), and besides I wanted it all to be his work as much as possible. Minimal input from mummy!

Making wrapping paper 3So I had the idea of using a cookie cutter. This came from the Salter Kids In The Kitchen baking set we were lucky enough to review back in the summer. I don't think that a week goes by where we don't get this set out although this is the first time we weren't able to eat the end result!

I got the star shaped cookie cutter, and he was able to hold it on the paper, fill it in with PVA glue, and then when the glitter was shaken off he had a near perfect star.

Making wrapping paper 4He loved using the glitter. I keep old plastic containers from when we have Chinese takeaways, and he used one as a sort of palette for mixing up some of the colours. But also, he poured the glitter right from the containers - I took the shaker part off the top. This was of course risky! But he wanted to have the stars half one colour, and half another colour, and that wasn't possible using the shaker. I bought the glitter shakers from The Early Learning Centre over a year ago now - they are lasting well! Several birthdays and two Christmases and I still have about a third left in the pots.

This was a massive hit! He loved that he was creating something that looked so good, and very carefully planned out six stars across the paper. Although after he was a bit critical and thought he'd perhaps done too many stars! Interspersed between the stars are crayoned Christmas trees.

What we used for this project:

  • Roll of drawing paper
  • Crayons
  • Glitter
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon


  • madonnaearth
    That's cool! I am quite fond of glitter myself; he did a great job! The most creative I've gotten with wrapping paper is using newspaper instead, dressed with a stick on bow.
  • Lynley O.
    Have a go! I'd never have bothered myself except for Tam's feature. And was surprised at how much fun it actually is to make something like that and then wrap up the presents in it. I am laughing though as I misread your comment and thought you meant a stick with a bow on it ...
  • Emma K.
    Looks like he had brilliant fun and the end result is quite touching too :)
  • Donnie
    They look beautiful! Well done to your boy. Seems a shame tearing such a work of art, though, doesn't it? Maybe it can be recycled and the salvageable bits can be framed in clip frames. I've done that in the past with my son, too, only we used brown paper - which you can get in rolls in the US - or even the underside of wrapping paper. You'd never guess but even newspaper looks lovely with cuttings glued on top and a nice ribbon. Another really fun thing to do is make Christmas decorations/tags using old Christmas cards, which many of us place in the recycle bin soon after Christmas. For example, one year we received an adorable card with a Christmas pudding on it. So, my son cut out the pudding, glued it on to hard coloured paper (Cass Art or Woodrow & Wilson sell sheets for 35p) and then he added glitter to bits of it. I used a glue gun to attach a ribbon hanger (also recycled from Christmas gifts) and we made an ornament. My tree is full of homemade ornaments! I recycle lots of Christmas packaging - it's very useful. Very nice blogpost. Fun art ideas are always welcome!
  • Donnie
    Ah… I've just read Madonnaearth's comment. YES!!!! Newspaper is excellent. When much younger my son has glued cutouts of Father Christmas and Xmas puddings to it - looks remarkably good and people ALWAYS appreciate it! Sadly, he's 11 now and out glue-glitter-cutout days are minimal. I cherish that time…
  • Lynley O.
    Brilliant ideas! Thanks for sharing. I had never thought of doing that with Christmas cards. I will remember that one, and use it on this year's cards.

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