Workshop Wednesday: Easy Easter Crafts

4 April 2012

I didn't want to go out and buy a whole lot of stuff for Easter themed crafts. In particular, as we weren't doing anything like having an Easter bonnet parade (my son did that at school) I didn't want to have to buy a hat that he's never going to wear. Instead, I had some paper bags, and plates, to use as the base, and I bought some little chicks and Easter themed confetti (£1 each at the 99p store) and we used items that we had already in the craft cupboard at home.

This sort of artistic freedom bought out a side of some of my son's friend's that I hadn't seen before. We had a few over on a playdate for the holidays, and when the weather turned wet and freezing, we turned to crafts.

The best thing about this craft activity? You can pretty much leave the kids to do it themselves. A little supervision with the PVA glue was required (one child got it all down their hand) but otherwise you can let their imaginations go for it.

And afterwards, the bags can be used for their Easter egg hunts. Bargain!

When doing this craft, it is a good idea as well to encourage the children to do any drawing on the bags or plates first, then stick down the Easter items. Alternatively, some of the children made faces out of the little shapes and feathers (as you can see above) and then made some drawings.

Have somewhere you can put the bags and plates to dry as well. The glue can be a bit wet. If you're going to use the bags in a Easter hunt, then doing this well in advance of the Easter egg hunt is also a good idea.


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