Workshop Wednesday: Create A Fun Photo Frame

finished frameThis week's project comes to you courtesy of Mother's Day in New Zealand, which is on a different day than the rest of the world. Sadly, no, I don't get two lie-ins a year. I decided that it would be a great idea for my son to make something for my mother, who as she's 12,000 miles away, doesn't often get to see her grandson.

For this project you will need:

  • stiff card (for the frame)
  • coloured cardboard (for the back)
  • glue
  • a photo
  • pens, crayons or paint (for decoration)

prepYou can also use little bits and bobs, especially anything shiny, that you might have to decorate the frame. I used two kinds of glue. PVA for attaching the frame together, and glue stick for putting some of the decorations on the frame.

For the stiff card, I cut open an old cat food box. As we were making a present, I cut this out so it would look fairly nice. But for a fun project let the child have a go. You need to do the edges, which are scollaped in my frame, and cut out a rectangle in the middle for the photo.

Put the frame on the card and use a pence to mark out the area that will be visible when it is all put together.

First, we did the frame as this takes a bit longer to dry if you use acrylic paints. I always keep an eye out for these paints in the pound shop, and especially for sales on the big tubs in craft stores and the ELC.

I fixed the frame to some newspaper with blu-tac, and let my son loose with teh paint brush. He had a bit of fun with that!

While it was drying, we stuck the photo onto the card. Mine was just a print out from the computer, so I used glue stick. Then my son drew on a body, and coloured it in. He was far less interested in this than in painting and gluing, so the result was not his best work.

Once the paint was dry, we stuck on the decorations, and glued the two pieces together.

And there you are. One creative and fun photo frame. I would guess it would be easy to work out how to make a stand for it at the back, but I haven't quite got that far yet!


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