T-Shirt Graffiti Pens £3.79 @ Play.com

tshirtPens Anything that means I can do something that normally wouldn't be 'allowed' to do is good for the soul and lets my rebellious side feel 'heard'.

So what I have for you here is a set of eight brightly-coloured fabric pens which will see you and your child unleashing your inner Gianni Versace or Vivienne Westwood and designing your own t-shirts.

But you don't need to limit yourself to t-shirts!  Jumpers, baseball caps, cushions, canvas bags, canvas trainers or how about bringing a plain white duvet set to life?

The only limitations are your imagination and as crafty parents we all know we have bucket loads of that, and when you've got more than your fair share of personalised items why not create a one-off unique gift for a grandparent - they'll love it!

The reviews for these t-shirt grafitti pens are excellent and are going to cover the remaining questions you're probably asking right now.

Items are ready for use after 24 hours and once the ink is fixed everything can be safely washed OR dry cleaned (which is amazing) and your carefully crafted designs will remain intacted.  Here's what one reviewer says...

"Got these recently off Play.com and I have to say they lived up to the description. Easy to use on t-shirts, then a quick iron and its done. Was expecting things to go wrong in the first wash but all was a promised and the designs stayed on. I would recommend these 100% to anyone and the kids absolutely love making their own t-shirts"

graffiti-girl-t7056If you've got a kids party coming up you could buy some cheapo t-shirts and have all the kids decorate their own t-shirts to take home instead of the usual party bag full of 'stuff' - you can't skip the cake though, that would just be wrong *grin*

These pens have been reduced from £5.99 down to £3.79 and won't cost you a penny in delivery either; marvellous!

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!


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