Travel Cluedo 49p @ Books Direct

3 July 2010

TravelCluedo300w Books Direct seem to have gone mad and have marked down both Travel Cluedo and Travel Mastermind to a mere 49p. Yeah, I was rather impressed by that too. What a brilliant and cheap way of keeping the kids occupied on long journeys!

The uses of these games are endless. Long nights in hotels when the kids won’t go to sleep and you honestly can’t cope with entertaining them a second longer. Lazy days on the beach when you all sit back and play a game or two while enjoying the sun.

They are so small and compact that they’ll fit into most hand luggage for planes, and carry-alls for walking down to the beach or going for a hike. You can pretty much take these guys anywhere.

travel_mastermindIf you want to get free delivery you’re going to have to spend more than £5 though, so why not trawl through their section 99p or Less, and see if you can pick up some other necessities while you’re at it.

This month we’re looking at all sorts of things relating to festivals, and these gadgets are perfect. Play at night when you can’t bother moving, get some books to read on the way, and all for less than £10.

Thanks to electric sheep at HUKD!

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