Tamsin’s Guide To Idiot Proof Cookies (and bigger trousers)


Right, so I looove my cookies, but I also have done so many recipes off the internet that are a total #fail. Have you ever spent a fortune on ingredients like chocolate chunks or fudge pieces and then made a revolting, inedible goop, even though you followed the instructions to the last letter? Yeah, well I hate that. It feels like I’m throwing money away (which I am) and I got so annoyed I started to keep track and now I have a list of amazing cookie recipes for you that are Tamsin-Proof and therefore anyone can make them. Ready?

1. Dark Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt Cookies


Ok, I’ll give you a moment. The name is divine enough to make you need a lie down. These are divine. And the recipe on Joy the Baker is laid out with pictures. Oh yes, pictures.  I love pictures.  So you pay a bit for the pistachios, but this recipe I’ve made about five times now and it is epic.

2. Big, Fat and Chewy

You know those huge cookies you get at the Co-Op or Sainsburys? You know how sometimes they can be a bit hit and miss? These aren’t. I have made these with all sorts of fillings like fudge chunks and dark chocolate and nuts and sometimes all of the above. You can squeeze in biscuit pieces and smarties and chopped up Mars Bar, whatever takes your tasty fancy. This is easy and idiot-proof and so so so good. Say farewell to your diet. Forever.

3. Secret Centre Cookies


You’ve had a secret centre cupcake, right? Ok so now imagine a chewy oatmeal cookie. You take a bite thinking, “Nom, nom, nom” and then POOF you have a mouth full of caramel and peanut butter, warm and gooey and divine. This particular recipe also comes with pictures. See what I need? I need visual guidance for my cooking apparently.

4. Cinnamon Goodness


Another picture-filled treat are these cinnamon swirl, icing enrobed gems from Picky Palate. You have to love a woman who can create something like this from scratch and still takes the time to take photos. Here is a recipe that needs to be served chilled. I find this is really good for a coffee date in summer. Cold biccies with hot tea and good friends.

5. Ye Old Traditional


Take a sandwich idea and make it into a cookie. Peanut Butter and Jelly (jam) Sandwich Cookies.  This recipe takes a bit of a fiddle. So she asks for Shortening, I just use unsalted butter. You can use your shortening replacement too, I find mine are crumblier than hers look but taste just as good.

6. Nutella Lave Cookie Cups


Nutella. This was created by the gods for us mortals to love and these cookies take it to the next melty level.  They are evil. I am warning you now, you will eat them all in one sitting and get a bit sick. Or that could just be me. The recipe is easy and the only advice I have for you is to really listen to her when she says you mustn’t press the second layer down hard. I did that. Cough.

7. Bacon and Chocolate


Wait! WAIT! I promise you these are nice. I know it is completely weird and a mish mash of flavours that really is so very American, but wow these are good. You can nom these beauties when you are crabby and they hit all the right notes in your mouth. They are really easy to make as well, only grilling and crumbling the bacon takes ages.

8. Soft Cookies


I have a real thing for soft cookies, I tend to prefer them over hard and crunchy ones. You’ve probably noticed that by now. This recipe gets you really, really gooey and chewy cookies and they use no butter and no white sugar. Actually, you can pretty much swap white for brown sugar in all these recipes! These are so good and are worth the fairly expensive dollop of coconut oil too.

9. Monster Cookie Dough


For the KIDS! I have one recipes for you that you can give to the kids. The first is the Monster Cookie Dough recipe from Something Swanky. OK guys, this is a DIP. You make the dough and then you dip into it with pretzels or crackers. Seriously. Amazing.

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