The Slendertone Abs Result Review

It has been a month of my wearing the Slendertone Abs belt on an almost daily basis in an attempt to get some measure of definition back to that squidgy area. At first I felt very little in the way of change and, if I am honest, by the end of last week I was close to giving up hope.

I have tied the use of the Slendertone Abs belt in with a low GI diet and plenty of other exercise. My belly has remained a rather soft place and I have not got a washboard stomach that would look lovely on the beach. So, if you plan on investing in this please note that changes will likely take longer than a mere four weeks.

However, in spite of my feeling a tad disheartened by the lack of visible change, I have lost a total of two inches around my waist. This may not be obvious to my critical eye when surveyed in the mirror, but the tape measure does not lie.

I also had to go to the docs because I had pulled one of my lat muscles during a particularly strenuous exercise routine and the pain was stubbornly refusing to go away. While the doc examined me she said, “Gosh, your stomach is really well muscled, what exercise do you do?”

Now what girl doesn’t like to hear THAT I ask you? Well, exactly. The muscles may be well padded and, as my daughter tells me, my stomach a lovely, soft “pillow”, but they are there and they are certainly doing their job.

I think that this, for me, was the tipping point when it came to this review. While I cannot see any signs of a six pack, I am firming up, my doc says I have strong musculature, and I have lost two inches. With those kind of results, who am I to judge?

Final verdict? The Slendertone Abs system may be almost prohibitively expensive but it works. Using this on a regular basis will see results and will strengthen and tone your muscles. A worthy investment for the time pressed parent I believe.

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