PlayPennies Exclusive: 20% Off Cards @ Scribbler

8 February 2013

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and being a money saving mum it can sometimes be hard to conjure up the perfect gift. How about expressing your feelings for that special person in your life by having them printed in an e-book from Scribbler and getting a shot at winning an iPad? At the same time you’ll get a lovely 20% off Scribbler cards.

Go enter the competition if you want to (you don’t have to) but whatever you do make sure you take advantage of this cool offer from Scribbler.

Discount: 20% off
Promotional code: VALENTINESB13
Expires: 15 February 2013

The checkout process is a little long winded, you’ll have to fill out all the postal addresses and details before you can add in the promotional code to see what you’ll get off but you only need to do that once and then it’s done. The box for the code is not terribly obvious but if you look on the right hand side under the amounts you’ll be paying you’ll spot it. You then need to click on it to open the box.

The competition you can enter is centred around an e-book Scribbler are producing where they are asking the public for answers to the eternal question "what is love". They’ll be gathering responses via their website and via Twitter.

They'll be compiling all of the best (and worst) 'Love is' answers into an e-book, and giving out an iPad mini to the person with the best or most amusing answer. Time to get creative go and save some money with Scribbler.

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