Play-Doh Party Pack (10 Tubs) £3.99 @ Mothercare

Mothercare are selling these Play-Doh party packs of 10 tubs of Play-Doh for £3.99 - stock is getting low though so don't dawdle, otherwise you'll miss out.

I only ever played with Play-Doh at my friend Tanya Perkins' house - I remember it smelling of marzipan and getting told off because we got some stuck in/on her mum's best Axminster carpet! I was never very keen to play with Play-Doh after that, at anyone's house, not just Tanya's - wow, her mum was really cross.

Each tub of Play-Doh is a different colour and one ounce in size.  They really will be great for putting in party bags - and whilst the parents of the children going home with Play-Doh party bags might not thank you, the kids will love it!

If you need more than 10 little tubs of Play-Doh then you can order two and use this discount code - VXXN - to get 20% off, giving you 20 tubs of Play-Doh for £6.38.

You can arrange to collect your Play-Doh party pack in-store for no extra cost, or you can pay an additional £2.95 and have them delivered to your home.

Thanks to dealsearch at HUKD

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