Peppa Pig Headphones £4.93 @ The Hut

Peppa Pig Headphones £4.93 @ The Hut

10083155-1279207614-25000I am constantly amazed at how much Peppa Pig merchandise there is, I mean, you can probably get a Peppa Pig car if you so desired. All these gadgets and gizmos smothered in Peppa Pigness and all from a show that lasts all of five minutes a time. I don’t get it. Anyway here you can nab some Peppa Pig headphones from The Hut, including free delivery, for only £4.93.

These headphones have been designed with kids in mind so they will protect their hearing while they listen to music, engage in learning, or do things that are noisy and demand headphones. They are suitable for children aged three and up.

They will fit into most DVD car entertainment systems, iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, laptops, PCs (including Apple) 10083155-1280416069-489000and portable gaming systems. Actually, with or without the Peppa Pig branding, a set of headphones like these are brilliant for when you go on your December holidays.

Kids will be able to hear their movies/games above the sound of the engine and you don’t have to listen to their shows for hours on end and can actually squeeze in some of your own music.

Thanks to aprilg at HUKD!


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