Peppa Pig Charity Christmas Cards 75p @ Tesco

Peppa Pig Charity Christmas Cards 75p @ Tesco

HA! Buying these Peppa Pig Charity Christmas Cards is extreme forward planning...even for me!  But they only cost 75 pence, instead of £1.50, for 24 and 10% of the purchase price goes to charity.

Now, whilst I'm not sure I can bring myself to start planning Christmas 2012 just yet, I know that some of you out there in Internet Land are already bagging bargains and stashing them away for December - this Peppa Pig Charity Christmas Card post is especially for you.

There are 24 cards featuring four different festive Peppa Pig designs and, as I said, 10% of the purchase price will be divided equally among the following charities:

  • Help for Heroes (Registered Charity No: 1120920)
  • Alzheimer’s Society (Registered Charity No: 296645) and
  • Consortium for Street Children UK (Registered Charity No: 1046579)

I'm not sure whether the 10% is 10% of the original £1.50 purchase price or 10% of the 75 pence sale price - either way, it's still money being donated to very worthy causes and I might just have to bite the forward planning Crimbo bullet and buy some.

Now really, DON'T order these and have them delivered to your home for extortionate amounts of cash, go and collect them for free from your nearest Tesco store.

Thanks to Jas10 at HUKD


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