Pac Man Alarm Clock £7.19 @ WH Smith

Pac Man Alarm Clock £7.19 @ WH Smith


Wake up with Pac Man! You know you want to! Why leave the 80s behind? Why abandon Pac Man to the dingy café arcades of the past when you can wake up with his happy little face right beside you, maw agape, ready to eat any ghosts that attempt to carry you off in the night! Pac Man is down to £7.19 from £11.99 saving you £4.80.

Arcade junkies and kids from the 80s will love this fantabulous Pac Man alarm clock that will sit comfortably on his stand and display the time inside his famous mouth. Yes, you can tell the time by reading his mouth. Life is sweet.

The Pac Man alarm clock has a snooze button (thank goodness) and a handy back light so if you want to know the time at 4am, you can! He comes with the authentic Pac Man sounds too and you can switch off the alarm features and use him as just a standard clock. He needs two AA batteries and WH Smith will charge for postage, still that doesn’t mean you can’t just go and fetch Pac Man from your nearest store.

Thanks to jmcderm1 at HUKD!


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