Mini Word Album Review


I recently got a mini word album by More Than Words from Woolworths to review and had no cooking clue on what to do with it. What I received was apackage with plastic words in it. Boy was I confused. And let me tell you, I am so in love with these now that I am not entirely sure how I survived without them!

Essentially you take your templates – and these come in a variety of flavours from Love to Wedding to Daddy – and place them onto your base material. You can use heavy weight card stock or chipboard or tissue paper – the choice is entirely yours. Then you draw around each one using a pencil and then cut them out using whatever suitable equipment is required.

This was a bit fiddly and I was a little bit crap at this bit as the plastic is quite slippery. I wouldn’t necessarily mark this is a negative point though. Then you can paint it, cover it in paper, stick on flowers, add patterned paper and even use your fledgling decoupage skills to pretty it up.

This is where it gets to be all about creativity and fun. My daughter and I made one for her room that she designed herself. I helped her with the tracing and the cutting but she used her own creativity to paint and create the set. Now she has this adorable block of numbers on her door that look absolutely her.

You can use this to make a photo album, to make simple letters on the door or anything else that takes your fancy. I found the price point of £8 to be quite high for this, though. I know it has a lot of clever thought gone into it but it strikes me as a tad costly. The results are worth it though…And the fact that the packaging has been designed to be reused and to store the letters safely. Bonus.

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