Mega Craft Kit £7.50 @ Debenhams

Mega Craft Kit £7.50 @ Debenhams

Mega Craft KitDebenhams has reduced its Mega Craft Kit to half price, down from £15 to £7.50. I wrote about having a Rainy Day Box, for those days in the holidays when you're trapped indoors with the rain or the snow, and this would be perfect for that too. Or just for stocking up on craft stuff. Standard delivery within four days is free.

The Mega Craft Kit includes pipecleaners, pom poms, sequins, matchsticks, popsticks, straws, polly balls, feathers, stickers, instruction sheets and more. I like that they've included instruction sheets, to give you some ideas on what to make.

The box exclaims that this is a 700 piece craft set. However, one reviewer on the site was disappointed by that, as each straw and even the instructions are counted as one piece. I can see what they mean, at the full price of £15 I would have thought this might be a bit pricey. But for £7.50 it seems much better value.

The box has a handle, and from what is set by reviewers on the site I assume it is meant to be reusable. That alone could be quite handy for keeping all your craft bits in one place. My son received a card making kit one birthday, which is fabulous as it came in a sturdy box and I've used it ever since as a handy place in which to put any craft items that might be good for making cards.


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