Lav-Nav £6.99 @

Lav-Nav £6.99 @


Every year I do the Lav-Nav post. It is now a tradition. Every year I somehow discover this clever and funny device and talk about it on PlayPennies. The Lav-Nav is down to a mere £6.99 at so now is your chance to own one. Yes, yes it is.

The Lav-Nav offers you a brilliant solution to your common bathroom problems. The name is short for Lavatory Navigator and it will save you from stubbed toes, angry shouts, inventive swear words and, most importantly, waking the baby.

As you approach the Lav-Nav the light turns on bathing the room in a gentle glow that won’t wake your partner or the children, but will allow you to find your way to and from the loo without mishap. You won’t disturb anyone else, and you won’t kill yourself in the process either.

It also includes, wait for it, a visual targeting system with a put the seat down reminder. When the seat is up, it glows red, when the seat is down, it glows green. Fantastic stuff.

Usually selling for £19.99, the Lav-Nav is down to £6.99 at along with free delivery. Awesome.

Thanks to SteveW at HUKD


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