Hama 3000 Beads In A Tub £4.09 @ Argos

Hama 3000 Beads In A Tub £4.09 @ Argos


The Hama 3000 Beads in a tub is really, what it says on the, ahem, tub.  They are also only £4.59 and come with free delivery which makes them something of an awesome deal for fans of crafty fun and goodness.

The Hama tub contains 3000 beads. You can do a lot with that many beads. There is probably a website that lists how many bracelets or necklaces you can make with that many beads. It is impressive and rather wonderful.

These beads will probably also fall under the sofa, in between the cushions and find their way into the carpet when you go to the loo in the dark of night. Then they will make you utter sharp screams between your teeth from pain.

However, they are brilliant for kids over the age of five, there are nine mixed colours and they vary in size. Awesome.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD!


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  • zara
    I suppose you could make braclets with them, but hama beads are meant to be used with the pin boards to create pictures and then ironed so that they stick together. The price ok, nothing special because you can buy a pack 1000 for a little over a pound.