Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree £4.92 @ Amazon

bonsai The PlayPennies month of crafty parents doesn’t just praise your ingenuity or find the best things to do with kids over the holidays. We are also all about finding cool things to occupy your time! This is a delightful gift for the budding bonsai artist and at only £4.92 including free delivery it’s a total bargain.

If you’ve ever wanted to give bonsai growing a chance then this kit has all the basics you need to get started. It includes starter growing pots, compost discs and a booklet of growing hints. It doesn’t say if it includes the seeds you need to make your bonsai but I am going to assume that it does.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to grow a mini pear tree to see if it also grows bonsai fruit.bonsai2

There are several other types of Grow Your Own products from Gift Republic on Amazon, most of them at a reduced price. There is a Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants (yeah!), Grow Your Own Chilli Plants and Grow Your Own Coffee to name but a few.

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!


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