The Fulton Valentine Heart Shopper Review

8 February 2012

Valentine’s Day is approaching like quicksilver and I’ve been on the prowl for clever little gifts that cost very little but keep on giving. The first of these is the Fulton Heart Shopper that’s made from strong, lightweight and waterproof material and comes in an adorable heart shaped bag.

The Fulton Heart Shopper is smothered in heart-shaped strawberries with a zip running along the side. Undoing this reveals a decent sized scooped bag that’s 45x35cm in size. It is very thin and feels plasticky but in a good way – your shopping will stay snug and dry inside this baby.

The seams on the bag are very tough. I yanked, tugged, pulled and stretched these but nothing gave way. I even tied the handle to the door and leaned backwards with my full weight and nothing even cracked. A great sign for those of us who stuff as much as possible into one bag.

The design on the main bag is also heart-shaped strawberries on a black background which sounds worrying but actually ends up looking chic and interesting. I have a thing for unusual fabrics and this fits the bill nicely.

Another feature I really like about the Fulton Heart Shopper is that the bag is attached to the storage bag by a thin strip of fabric. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost the containing bag for my reusable shopping bags so this is a total win.

The Fulton Heart Shopper would make an excellent Valentine’s Day pressie as it’s useful, cute and costs a very, very tasty £6 all in. The price, the quality and the design are all right for me and I am giving this the Worth Every Penny Award. It isn't available online yet, but it is coming soon.

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