Friendship Bracelet Making Kit £4.99

Oh, this brings back memories. Other 70's kids might remember the craze for friendship making friendship bracelets - and now you can pass the retro love onto the next generation with this fab kit for making friendship bracelets, reduced from £7.99 to £4.99 at now.

Included in the kit is everything you need for hours of friendship bracelet fun, plus a funky tin to keep your creative bits and pieces in one safe place.

There doesn't seem to be an age guide for this item but I must have been about 11 years old when I got obsessed with making friendship bracelets. The thing I love about this set is that it looks as though it comes with safety pins too - when I was a kid the cool thing to do was pin your work-in-progress to your jeans around about your knee so that the whole thing was secure while you worked away at it, so it's a cute touch that they've got the safety pins included for that purpose.

playI think this would make a sweet gift for a little girl with a love of crafting, or if you remember making friendship bracelets when you were a kid as fondly as I do, why not indulge in a little you-time with a retro twist? I am tempted to click on 'buy' as I type this...


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  • Sai
    Looked like a nice gift so I ordered one from Play for my daughter only to receive a Beano comic kit instead. They are now asking for this item to be sent back (at my expense) before sending the correct one. Have to say that I have enjoyed many years of shopping at Play but I wont be bothering anymore!

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