The Fridge Friend Review

18 February 2012

I was rather excited by this review. I love gadgets and tech so getting a device that I could plonk on my fridge that would leave messages for my offspring and husband seemed like a genius idea. The Fridge Friend comes in a small box with minimal packaging and costs £24.99 and you can get them by getting in touch with through the website.

The Fridge Friend is small but not stupidly tiny. It has a decently sized screen for what it is supposed to do and is very easy to use. You don’t get batteries included so you’ll need two AAA batteries lying around to get it going. Then you press the ON button for a few seconds and soon your face will appear on the screen.

Recording is simple. Press the button, make your recording, press the button again. However, you do need to hold this device as far away from your face as possible because when I first did it the playback sound was horrendous. It burred and spat and roared at me. This takes off a fairly hefty whack of points here. When I stuck it to the fridge (magnet on the back) and stood further away, the sound quality was much better on playback but still not great.

I left a message for my daughter as I was away in meetings one night and she loved it, although it made her miss her mommy! She has carried it around with her ever since, leaves loads of messages for me and her daddy, and demands messages from whoever is away.

The Fridge Friend gets an average 7/10 for me. The price is high and the sound quality poor. However, it redeems itself with originality, looks, ease of use, quality of technology and the fact that it has huge sentimental value.

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